Hazur Resilient Systems

HAZUR is a new management system for cities based on a SaaS solution that helps city managers and experts to create resilience offices to face the impacts that cities need to cope with due to new global risks as climate change, political instability or new technological complex systems. HAZUR optimizes the management of the different urban services based on interdependency, risk analysis, simulation of impacts and monitoring of critical infastructure. 

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ASSESSMENT module is a cloud sw based on graph data structures and GIS mapping to analyze urban services interdependencies to detect critical infrastructures, assess potential disaster aftermaths and define response protocols and/or future policies.
MANAGEMENT module is based on core cascading effect algorithm to interpret the impact on the interdependencies and provide real-time monitoring via IoT sensors in the scenario simulations, based on the Assessment graph data structure. Algorithm outputs are plan to be processed by Big Data algorithms to create an adapted Situation Room and an introduction to small and medium cities to the IoT. The deployment of a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure guarantees the scalability of the SaaS. It includes Big Data analysis to provide city status reporting via GIS and notifications.
A complementary training program ensures the quality of HAZUR implementation by certified users.

How does your innovation work?

The project aims to deliver a framework enabling city resilience assessment, planning and management, by integrating into a software tool new knowledge related to the detailed urban services performance into a comprehensive resilience platform available to WW city experts & all types of cities. The approach assess urban resilience from a multisectorial approach, for current and future city services scenarios and including multiple hazards. It incorporates real-time data. 

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

HAZUR has successfully been validated as proof-of-concept, obtaining a 20% cost reduction in disaster recovery and business continuity, and is currently been implemented in Barcelona, Lisbon and Bristol (H2020 RESCCUE project) and other cities. Revenues generated are over €100k in 2015 and 2016. The certified training program has had over 500 students over 30 countries. Now HAZUR is ready to develop a market ready version of the product and scale-up to a global market.


Do you have current users or testers?

Now the tool have 8 cities to develop the tool , 51 open projects, 849 users

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

MOOCs & online training programs & social media actions with traditional marketing strategies (smart city congresses,…). Acquisition combines B2P/ B2B /BtoA strategies as cities need different approaches depending on the municipal management model (PPP...).
We are partnering with independent professionals, engineering and management schools, Smart City Masters, Research centers and EU Ecosystem H2020 European projects (“Community of Users on Secure, safe & Resilient Societies”), Multilateral organizations, cities associations, SME & big corporations. Among MOOC participants part of them join the advanced certification and some of them promote to sign a B2B partnership with their company. Every professional & partner presents HAZUR to city officials from their area & proposes a project using HAZUR. We expect a growth in clients & users about 150-175% as more cities are facing new impacts and crisis and they need affordable assessment and simulations tools to be prepared to bounce back. 

Next Steps

The goal of Opticits is to establish a worldwide standard to assess and manage city resilience based on holistic approach, scenario simulation algorithms, sensor devices and situation management infrastructure for strategic planning and disaster reduction, supported by a certification program.